15 Jan - 30 Apr 2024
MSU, Москва, Россия

Universiade "Lomonosov" in Mathematics and Mechanics

Universiade "Lomonosov" in Mathematics and Mechanics


The Universiade is an open international intellectual competition for mathematical, physical and technical bachelor's and specialist's educational programs students and graduates.

The Universiade includes tasks in pure and applied mathematics, mechanics, mathematical physics; the competition program is subdivided into four sections:

  • mathematics and computer science (in Russian),
  • mechanics and mathematical modelling (in Russian),
  • geometry and quantum fields (in English),
  • mathematical fundamentals of navigational systems (in English).

A participant may choose any single section to enroll. A participant have to choose the section before the first stage of the Universiade.

The registration is available from January 16th till February 20th, 2023.

There are two stages of the Universiade:

  • the first stage is a qualifying one; it will be held by correspondence, using remote learning technologies on February, 21-26, 2023;
  • the second stage is a final one; it will be held in the oral presentation form, the topic of the presentation must be chosen from the Organizing Commitee's list;

The list of basic disciplines of the Universiade:

  • calculus,
  • analytical geometry,
  • linear algebra,
  • differential equations,
  • probability theory and mathematical statistics.

The list of special disciplines of the Universiade sections:
1. Section "Mathematics and Computer Science" (in Russian):

  • theory of complex variable functions,
  • mathematical logic and theory of algorithms.

2. Section "Mechanics and Mathematical modelling" (in Russian):

  • theoretical mechanics,
  • theory of optimization and control.

3. Section "Geometry and Quantum Fields" (in English):

  • mathematical physics.

4. Section "Mathematical fundamentals of navigational systems" (in English):

  • theoretical mechanics,
  • optimal estimation theory,
  • theory of optimization and control.


Lomonosov Moscow State University, Механико-математический факультет

Lomonosov Moscow State University, Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics.


The Organizing comittee: universiade@math.msu.ru

Cost of participation